National Innovation Capability - Experts interviews (Industry and Academia)

Published: 25 June 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/wjt6gy6g93.1
Sylvia Mercedes Novillo-Villegas,


This dataset presents the tabulation of the interviews gathering information about the national innovation capability in Ecuador. The interviews were conducted among 14 Ecuadorian experts of the productive sectors and 12 Ecuadorian scholars in the areas related to innovation, research, and transference. The aim is to study their perception of the national innovation capability in developing economies such as Ecuador.


Steps to reproduce

The interview was developed based on the analysis of the WEF- Global Competitiveness Report, OCDE-innovation report, and WIPO. The experts were selected among the universities, and production or commerce chambers of Ecuador.


University, Innovation, Policy, Capability Development