Data for: Helium-ion microscopy, helium-ion irradiation and nanoindentation of Eurofer 97 and ODS Eurofer

Published: 6 August 2017| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/wk5639d3xy.1
Frank Bergner, Cornelia Heintze, Gregor Hlawacek


A set of He-ion irradiations was aimed at visualizing irradiation-induced changes directly in the HIM using the video mode. Video files for Eurofer 97 and ODS Eurofer of the in-situ irradiation experiments in the HIM (Ion energy 30 keV, maximum fluence 2E18 He ions/cm2, linear time scale) are provided. We have observed that the onset of blistering takes place slightly above a fluence of 5E17 He ions/cm2 for Eurofer 97 and slightly below this value for ODS Eurofer. For more details read the main text.



Materials Science, Ion Irradiation, Structural Materials