Supplemental Data from Combined inactivation of RB and Hippo pathways converts differentiating photoreceptors into eye progenitor cells through derepression of homothorax. Rader et al.

Published: 14 August 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/wk5c46kmr7.1
Alexandra Rader, Maxim Frolov


Drosophila photoreceptors with inactivated RB and Hippo pathways specify normally but fail to maintain neuronal identity and dedifferentiate. We performed single-cell RNA-sequencing to elucidate the cause of dedifferentiation and the fate of these cells. We find that dedifferentiated cells adopt a progenitor-like fate due to inappropriate activation of the retinal differentiation suppressor homothorax (hth) by Yki/Sd. This results in activation of the Yki/Hth transcriptional program, driving photoreceptor dedifferentiation. We show that Rbf physically interacts with Yki which, together with the GAGA factor, inhibits hth expression. Thus, RB and Hippo pathways cooperate to maintain photoreceptor differentiation by preventing inappropriate expression of hth in differentiating photoreceptors. Our work highlights the importance of both RB and Hippo pathway activity for maintaining the state of terminal differentiation.



University of Illinois at Chicago


Genetics, Retinoblastoma, Drosophila, Hippo