Dataset on Online Impulsive buying behaviour of E-paylater user and non E-paylater user

Published: 15 March 2024| Version 4 | DOI: 10.17632/wkjdmrmrg4.4


The provided dataset sheds light on the online impulsive buying behavior triggered by the e-paylater payment alternative. It includes two files, one of which is a codebook in MS Excel, containing raw data that showcases respondent characteristics such as gender, age, educational background, job status, and more. This file also encompasses all research data, complete with question labels. The second file is a CSV file that contains filtered data suitable for testing purposes. Additionally, the dataset includes a third file that contains the survey questionnaire, attached as a complementary document for reference. This dataset provided here is a valuable resource for conducting various analyses on e-paylater usage and consumer decision-making, especially in Indonesia. With its diverse data and demographic attributes, this dataset allows for comprehensive as well as segmented analyses and tests based on consumer groups categorized by age, gender, education level, and other relevant parameters. It offers a broad range of potential applications for researchers and analysts to explore and gain insights into consumer behavior and preferences.



Universitas Andalas Fakultas Ekonomi


Behavioral Finance, Business Management