Published: 3 October 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/wmsbzv6kg5.1
Jimmy Guo


Companion datasets for "Denaturing purifications demonstrate that PRC2 and other widely-reported chromatin proteins do not appear to bind directly to RNA in vivo". Tables containing various column metrics of CLIP and CLAP experiments (enrichment value, p-value, expression levels, and number of reads) for each detected 100-nucleotide RNA window. Tables labeled "PlusTag" or "MinusTag" indicate experiments in which a Halo-tagged protein was transfected into a human cell line (PlusTag, +tag) mixed with untransfected mouse cells or transfected into mouse cells and mixed with untransfected human cells (MinusTag, -tag); windows were computed over all annotated human RNAs. "Halo-" or "Spy-" prefixes are designated for proteins in which both HaloCLAP and SpyCLAP were performed (i.e., performed on either Halo-tagged or Spy-tagged proteins, respectively.) Unless otherwise noted, all other experiments were performed with HaloCLAP.



California Institute of Technology


RNA, RNA-Binding Protein