Vegetation survey in the steppic rangelands of Algeria

Published: 22-07-2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/wn4dcpyr73.1
Yacine Kouba,
Merdas Saifi


This data set include 30 vegetation transects of 200 m length each, sampled by point intercept method every 20 cm. Vegetation community: North Africain steppic rangelands . Species code included


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A multi-site survey was conducted during the period of peak growth of vegetation (late April-early May) in 2014. We selected five homogeneous sites in grazing-excluded steppes and another five in freely grazed steppes. Within each site, three 200-m linear transects (30 transects in total) were carried out. Plant abundance and richness within each transect were estimated using the Point-Intercept Method, which consists of registering all species touching the nail every 20-cm intervals. The abundance of each species in each transect was estimated from the number of individuals recorded along the same transect