The potential impact data of Tylosin and Enrofloxacin veterinary antibiotics on germination and accumulation in barley seed as a forage crop and good dietary sources using LC/MS-MS.

Published: 18 July 2019| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/wnpk4dgpdy.2
Ahmed Abou Elezz


The dataset was used to investigate the potential impact of Tylosin and Enrofloxacin veterinary antibiotics on the seed germination percentage, root and shoot length, roots, and shoots over control percent, elongation, fresh weight, and dry weight of seedling. The uptake concentrations were detected and quantified using LC-NS/MS system to assist known the effect of antibiotics accumulation on the seed germination. The data were analyzed statistically to find out the significance of variation between treatments using IBM-SPSS statistic 25.



Qatar University


Agricultural Science, Science, Environmental Analysis