Data for the paper "Verified simulation of the stationary polymer fluid flows in the channel with elliptical cross-section"

Published: 31 May 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/wp7yk8vtg9.1
Boris Semisalov,


The xlsx files contain the results of numerical simulation of the stationary non-isothermal incompressible viscoelastic polymer fluid flow of Poiseuille type through the channel with elliptical cross-section having an inclusion, which is heating element of elliptical shape. Specifically, the files contain the approximate values of the dimensionless velocity (u) and temperature (Y) of the flow computed in 1 681 data points distributed inside the channel. In the files their coordinates in Cartesian system are denoted by (y,z), and several regimes of flows are considered. To describe the polymer fluid flow, the generalised mesoscopic Pokrovskii — Vinogradov model was used, and the corresponding Poiseuille-type stationary solutions were found using the non-local method without saturation (NMWS). The detailed description of the model with all parameters and the method can be found in the paper by Boris Semisalov et al. "Verified simulation of the stationary polymer fluid flows in the channel with elliptical cross-section''. This paper also contains the comparison of the data from xlsx files with the results of simulation obtained using two other methods, which are the least-squares collocation method (LSCM) and the finite element method (FEM), see this comparison in tables 8 — 11 of the paper. Thus, the given data represent benchmark for the considered flow of polymer fluid.



Novosibirskij gosudarstvennyj universitet, Institut teoreticeskoj i prikladnoj mehaniki imeni SA Khristianovicha SO RAN, Institut matematiki imeni S L Soboleva SO RAN


Table of Function Values