New generation of Well-based SRM established on streamline database.

Published: 19 July 2023| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/wpc3ph8hrv.2
Behzad Saberali,


This data batch consists of several items as follows: - The code extracts grid data from the restart output file of FrontSim software (unified, formatted file with FUNRST Suffix). The function takes two parameters: the file location and the required Keyword. (For example, SWAT, which means grid water saturation). - One main code of as an example of the introduced Well-based SRM. - The jpg file illustrates an example of the training process. - Tree statistic criteria codes (AARD, ARD, R2) - Excel files containing tabular results of SPE10 model. - Txt data files containing statistics of SPE10 model. - Excel files containing tabular results of Egg model. - txt data files containing statistics of Egg model. Note: The main program needs several sub-codes and functions for the application, so it cannot be run independently. But the SRM structure and features can be reused from this source.



Reservoir Modeling, Deep Learning, Long Short-Term Memory Network, Surrogate Modeling