Numerical LMI solutions for State Feedback with Polynomial Lyapunov Functions

Published: 15-06-2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/wphgmsdp9f.2
Leandro José ELIAS,
Flavio A. Faria,
Rafael F. Q. Magossi,
Vilma A. Oliveira


Simulation and LMI codes for the problem of state feedback design for nonlinear systems using polynomial Lyapunov functions. The LMIs are solved with MATLAB toolboxes, Sedumi and Yalmip. We provide the LMI conditions, the programs and simulation schemes to make it easier to reproduce two numerical problems.


Steps to reproduce

Main_example1.m Execute the routines necessary to reproduce an example to check the feasible region obtained by two compared results. Main_example2.m Execute the routines necessary to simulate a magnetic suspension system.