fNIRS data

Published: 2 August 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/wrmdw82nzr.1
Liping Qi


For the data collection, subjects first performed a baseline Stroop test, followed by three different sessions in randomized order: a) control (resting in a seated position); b) Tai Chi (24 simplified Yang style or 28 simplified Chen style moves), and c) brisk walking (Figure 1). In the control session, subjects rested for 11 minutes. In the exercise sessions, subjects performed brisk walking (5.6 km/h) on the treadmill or Tai Chi for about 6 min, followed by a 5-minute rest. The heart rate (HR) was monitored during exercise and rest. Raw data are fNIRS data collected during stroop tests. Each subject has 4 files,named as baseline, control, TC (Tai Chi), and BW (brisk walking).



Dalian University of Technology


Cognition, Human Cognition, Older Adult, Aerobic Exercise