PARS Low-Cost Portable Rehabilitation System for Upper Arm

Published: 17 March 2022| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/wrx22bn64h.2


This study introduces a compact low-cost single degree of freedom end-effector type upper arm rehabilitation system (PARS) along with its hardware and software elements. Proposed system is also suitable to be used in conjunction with a gaming environment. Throughout the study structural setup of the system was explained in detail along with its electronics, control system and gaming software. Introduced virtual gaming interface supports various game levels with different difficulties generated via interaction type control algorithms. Having simple structural design constructed by using basic available components, proposed system can be easily manufactured and utilized in physical rehabilitation procedures by using supplied open source codes. Introduced systems compactness and user friendly interface also allow its usage for individual home therapies for remote rehabilitation treatment procedures.



Izmir Katip Celebi Universitesi


Mechatronics, Physical Rehabilitation, Rehabilitation Robotics