Energy and waste data for the Algiers's EH-OS local system

Published: 14 January 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/wsz69rzsjw.1
Mazia Chaker


This data is the primary data used for the system analysis. It was obtained from an investigation on the used fossil energy and the produced urban solid waste at the studied system. The survey aimed to estimate, on the one hand, the CO2 quantity resulting from fossil energy use and, on the other hand, the available deposits of waste that can be recovered as secondary resources. The survey on energy was carried out using the data obtained from the Algiers Electricity and Gas Distribution Company for the year 2016, and the Sonelgaz report on the national energy balance. Its elements relate to the final consumption of fossil fuel (gas and electricity) from the various urban sub-systems. The survey on urban solid waste was performed according to the data obtained from the National Waste Agency for 2016. Its elements relate to urban waste' categories, quantities, and components that can be valued as renewable energy or secondary material.



Waste, Energy Consumption