Tablets Manufacturing Processes: Multi-level multi-item capacitated lot-sizing with linked lot sizes and backlogging

Published: 14 July 2023| Version 4 | DOI: 10.17632/wt4s58xwj3.4
Michael Simonis


This dataset contains anonymized data of nine tablets manufacturing processes. The dataset was created in June 2021 based on the research activities of the publisher's dissertation. Moreover, the dataset is stored in Excel and contains eleven sheets which contain all required information for capacitated lot-sizing. This data model for capacitated lot-sizing is generic and is able to store information for single- and multi-level problem instances. Furthermore, each tab consists of one table that maps to certain fields corresponding data. In particular, the provided problem instances can be translated into MIP coefficients of a problem instance for the single- and multi-level capacitated lot-sizing problem with linked lot sizes and backorders (CLSP-L-B and MLCLSP-L-B). The problem instances MODEL001, MODEL002, MODEL003 and MODEL004 represent four CLSP-L-B. SET1, SET2, SET3, SET4 and SET5 represent five MLCLSP-L-B. The four problem instances MODEL001 till MODEL004 are outlined and used in the article M. Simonis and S. Nickel. A simulation–optimization approach for a cyclic production scheme in a tablets packaging process. Computers & Industrial Engineering, 2023. ISSN 0360-8352. doi: Data source files: - data.xlsx: Anonymized real-world tablets manufacturing data of four packaging robots - MODEL001: Single-level packaging robot (1) - MODEL002: Single-level packaging robot (2) - MODEL003: Single-level packaging robot (3) - MODEL004: Single-level packaging robot (4) - SET1: Two-level packaging robots (1 & 5) - SET2: Two-level bulking mixer with packaging robot (3 & 7) - SET3: Two-level bulking mixer with packaging robot (4 & 8) - SET4: Two-level packaging robots (2 & 6) - SET5: Three-level API/bulking and packaging machines (1 & 5 & 2 & 6 & 14)



Karlsruher Institut fur Technologie, Karlsruher Institut fur Technologie Fakultat fur Wirtschaftswissenschaften


Lot Sizing, Production Planning