Dataset of analysis of search engine’s question answering system responses to queries concerning first aid in common adult health emergencies

Published: 19 February 2024| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/ww6w2dnbr4.2
Alexei Birkun, Adhish Gautam


This dataset contains results of evaluation of the Google search engine's question answering system advice on first aid generated in response to queries concerning provision of help in common adult health emergencies. In December 2022-January 2023, an English-language search was carried out in Google with ten queries based on the following keyword combinations: (what to do OR how to help) AND (bleeding OR chest pain OR choking OR not breathing OR seizure). The search engine’s question answering system responses (Featured snippets and People also ask items) were collected (up to 11 per search query). Unique eligible question answering system responses were evaluated for adherence to the International Federation of Red Cross First Aid Guidelines 2020 using the predeveloped checklists. Adherence to the guidelines was rated for each item of respective checklist as complete (checklist item wording satisfied in full), incomplete (checklist item wording satisfied in part) or absent (where the question answering system response omitted corresponding first aid instruction). Additionally, source webpages of eligible question answering system responses were categorised as Academic, Charity/Non-profit entity, Commercial, Government or Media outlet, and content of the source webpages was evaluated for quality of first aid instructions using the same checklists with a focus on source article text.



Emergency Medical Service, World Wide Web Search, Internet, Search Engine, Web Search Engine, Bleeding, Apnea, Seizure, Cardiac Arrest, Convulsion, Emergency Care, Digital Technology, Chest Pain, Control of Hemorrhage, Removal of Foreign Body, Foreign Body in Throat, First Aid, Adult Emergency, e-Health, Search, Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest