Data including roe and revenue growth rate of listed companies in China's A-share market from 2009 to 2020

Published: 15 August 2022| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/wx8nwsrrbr.2
wangming peng


Roe(return on equity) and revenue growth rate of 3270 listed companies that issued stocks in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets from 2009 to 2020 can be used frequently in empirical analysis.The other data includes market value,debt ratio,pledge ratio, dividend ratio, PE ratio, seasoned offering,proportion of R&D expenditure; Macro data include: real GDP growth rate of China,loan interest rate,broad money supply (M2), foreign capital net Inflow (Inflow) from 2009 to 2020.


Steps to reproduce

All data are obtained from the the Wind Financial Database which is a reputable data vendor in Chinese financial market.All the data can be downloaded directly from the link


Jiujiang University


Financial Market Efficiency, Emerging Market, Corporate Accounting