Asymmetries in the Episodic Encoding of Individuals' Voices

Published: 2 March 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/wxz33rjc7b.1
William Clapp


Analysis script and model outputs associated with the manuscript "Asymmetries in the Episodic Encoding of Individuals' Voices". Dataset is drawn from Clapp, Vaughn, & Sumner (2023), Exp. 1 and is available at Across a set of demographically diverse talkers, findings demonstrate substantial asymmetries in the episodic encoding and recall of spoken words at the level of the individual, even in cases where talkers share demographic characteristics.


Steps to reproduce

To run the script, download `Exp1.csv` from that link and in line 17 of the script, insert a local file path to the directory containing the data. Model summaries are available in txt format in the 'model summaries' folder. Files beginning with `m` include the main summaries, and files beginning with `emm` include pairwise comparisons. Because of the large number of pairwise comparisons possible, a separate 'emm' file has been included for each talker-based analysis, where only comparisons between members of the same demographic dyad are shown.


Stanford University Department of Linguistics


Linguistics, Cognitive Psychology, Psycholinguistics, Episodic Memory, Word Recognition