Data for: Adaptation action and research in glaciated mountain systems: Are they enough to meet the challenge of climate change?

Published: 20 November 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/wy343nk8nt.1
Graham McDowell, Vincent Ricciardi, Holger Frey, Frances Wang, Christian Huggel, Katherine Cramer


This Excel file contains three pages of data: 1. Data for all documents reviewed. 2. Data for documents that were explicitly framed as mountain and adaptation focused. 3. Summary statistics for both sets of documents. For pages 1 and 2, columns represent questions asked about each document. See the Questionnaire and Codebook in the article’s Supplementary Materials for details about questions as well as descriptions for possible response options. For pages 1 and 2, values in Column A “PR” and “GL” stand for per-reviewed and grey literature, respectively. For pages 1 and 2, each row represents a ‘discrete adaptation initiative’. Discrete adaptation initiatives are defined as actions that are distinct in their timing, form, intent, or scope. One document may report several discrete adaptation initiatives. For pages 1 and 2, raw data is disaggregated in columns AO - GF to facilitate analysis.



Geography, Sustainability, Adaptation, Socio-Ecological System, Mountain, Climate Change, Systematic Review