Textile Images 2

Published: 11 September 2017| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/wy3pndgpcx.1
Anh Tuan Bui,


This is the source file to install the R data package "textile2" that contains 350 real textile images (of size 500x500 pixels). They were taken at non-overlapping and adjacent regions of two swatches of the same textile material, at a scale that shows their weave patterns. They exhibit a great deal of stochastic behavior of the stochastic textured surface data, defined in Bui and Apley (2017a). These images were used in Bui and Apley (2017b) to illustrate their approach that monitor for global changes in the nature of stochastic textured surfaces. Unlike local defects that occur in local regions of the surfaces, this type of changes affect the entire surfaces. References: Bui, A.T., and Apley., D.W. (2017a) A Monitoring and Diagnostic Approach for Stochastic Textured Surfaces", Technometrics (in press). Bui, A.T., and Apley., D.W. (2017b) Monitoring for Changes in the Nature of Stochastic Textured Surfaces", (under review).