Data for: Thermal modeling of CIIIASat nanosatellite: A tool for thermal barrier coating selection

Published: 17-12-2019| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/wy5rc4fhdz.2
Luis Reyes,
Omar Lopez-Botello,
Patricia Zambrano,
Roberto Cabriales,
Barbara Bermudez-Reyes,
Carlos Chavez Felix


MathWorks Simulink is a graphical programming software to simulate and analyze dynamic multidomain systems through block diagrams. The annexed simulink arrangement uses the first law of thermodynamics for the energy balance of a cubesat in The Low Earth Orbit in order to find the equilibrium temperature when using different materials (5), at different angles of orbital inclination (3), angle beta (2) and environmental conditions (3). For the selection of the different conditions to be analyzed, decision blocks and logical gates are used, which can be activated at the user's discretion and this simulate up to 270 different thermal scenarios for the same satellite. The arrangement is sectioned according to the condition to be modified, making the selection easier for the user