Instances for “Influence Maximization with Latency Requirements on Social Networks”

Published: 20 June 2022| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/wybgt3wj5x.2
Rui Zhang


We provide the instances used in the paper “Influence Maximization with Latency Requirements on Social Networks”, by S. Raghavan and Rui Zhang, published in INFORMS Journal on Computing ( This repository contains the 100 instances used in the paper. All the instances used in the paper are provided in a compressed archive. The accompanying data is contained in the following file: • Description: There is one main folder, which contains 100 instances based on 10 real-world graphs. Each real world graph “G” is described by the file named “G_Graph.txt” which contains the edges in the graph. Nodes are labeled from 0 to n, where n is the largest number in the file. Each line provides the two end nodes of an edge. The 10 instances associated with each graph “G” are provided in the 10 files named “G_i.txt” for i in {0, 1, · · · , 9}. In each file, there are two lines. The first line contains the threshold (b) for each node. The second line contains the influence factor (f) for each node. The excel file “PIDS-PP_Results.xlsx” reports, for each instance, the upper and lower bounds obtained in the paper.



University of Maryland at College Park, University of Colorado Boulder


Integer Programming, Mixed Integer Programming, Social Networks, Peer Influence, Branch and Cut