Study on Multi-water Sources Allocation Based on Multi-scenario potential tapping under Extreme Drought: An Example from the Yellow River Water Supply Area in Henan

Published: 20 October 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/wyg77x6n66.1
fang Wan, Shaoming Peng, Yu Wang, Xiaokang Zheng, Fei Zhang, Weihao Wang, Xiaohui Shen


The water supply of water resources allocation under extreme drought is insufficient, and the limited available water resources make it urgent to tap the potential of water supply. In this paper, the Yellow River water supply area in Henan Province is taken as an example to study the multi-water source allocation under extreme drought. According to the Palmer Drought Severity Index (PDSI), the extreme drought years are selected, and the water supply and demand balance in the extreme drought years is analyzed, and the water shortage degree of each water supply area is obtained. In this paper, unconventional water, flood resource utilization and elastic exploitation of groundwater are used as potential water sources. Different water supply scenarios are set up according to different potential tapping measures, and multi-scenario supply increase under extreme drought is explored. A multi-water source allocation model with the goal of minimizing water shortage is constructed, and a multi-scenario supply increase allocation scheme is proposed, which provides a basis for the study of water supply increase allocation to alleviate the drought degree of the the Yellow River Water Supply Area in Henan. Through the Multi-scenario potential tapping of multiple water sources, the existing potential water volume can be maximized, which is conducive to reducing the water supply pressure and water use restrictions of conventional water sources, improving the support capacity and guarantee capacity of water resources, and reducing the economic and social development bottlenecks caused by extreme drought.

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North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power


Water Resource, Drought