Dataset Showing the Procedures for Order Amount Prediction For Manufacturing System with Stochastic Process and Make-to-order Strategy

Published: 30 May 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/wynv6kmz4b.1


This Dataset contains Raw sales data and cleaned Sales data for prediction of order amount for an alluminium rolling mill company with Stochastic and Make-to-Order Strategy.The Raw Dataset contains the original/raw extraction from SAP Database of University Affiliated Manufacturing Company.Extraction was done using Sql Program.while data cleaning and feature Engineering operation was done Using Python Programming langauage Libraries(Pandas,Numpy,MLP) The Data set was used for: Various descriptive Analysis like:Company With Highest Sales, Predictive Analysis like:Prediction of Order Amount,sales prediction Raw Sales Data:Sales Details 2010new - 18122015.xls Cleaned Data:SalesDataset Features:18 Records:77896



Covenant University


Batch Manufacturing