SUMO2/3 ChIP-seq OE19, MCF10A cells

Published: 01-08-2019| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/wzkwr333vv.2
Rotem Salmi-Leshem


SUMO2/3 ChIP-seq OE19 cells, with and without siRNA knockdown of SENP3. Two separate biological repeats. Aim - to test SENP3 knockdown effect on SUMO occupancy on chromatin. Only one different peak detected. SUMO2/3 ChIP-seq MCF10A cells, 48 hours in starvation media, with and without 30 min EGF induction. Two separate biological repeats. Aim - to compare MCF10A cells to OE19 cells with regard to SUMO occupancy on chromatin.