ZEFR: A GPU-accelerated high-order solver for compressible viscous flows using the flux reconstruction method

Published: 21 February 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/wzy83bscxd.1
J. Romero,
J. Crabill,
J.E. Watkins,
F.D. Witherden,
A. Jameson


In this work we present ZEFR, a GPU accelerated flow solver based around the high-order accurate flux reconstruction (FR) approach. Written in a combination of C++ and CUDA, ZEFR is designed to perform scale resolving simulations within the vicinity of complex geometrical configurations. A unique feature of ZEFR is its support for overset grids; a feature which greatly expands the addressable problem space compared with existing high-order codes. The C++ implementation of FR in a manner which is suitable for modern hardware platforms is described in detail. Additionally, an overview of the input deck used by ZEFR is included. Validation results are presented for a range of steady and unsteady flow problems including Couette flow, the Taylor–Green vortex, and flow around an SD7003 aerofoil. Single node performance on a NVIDIA V100 GPU is analysed where it is shown that all of the kernels in ZEFR attain a high proportion of peak memory bandwidth. Moreover, multi-node performance is also assessed with strong scalability being demonstrated from 60 to 3840 NVIDIA V100 GPUs.



Computational Physics, High Performance Computing, Computational Fluid Dynamics