Data for: TFP in Chinese Cities: The Role of Factor-Intensity and Industrial Agglomeration

Published: 11 January 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/x2nzyj8xwn.1
jun wen, Wei Wei, Jun-Sheng Wang, Wan-Li Zhang


Annual data for the period 2003-2013 are obtained from both China’s industrial enterprise database and China’s urban statistical yearbook for 207 cities. No existing yearbook has a prefecture city’s data from different industries, and so our research uses the sum of China’s industrial enterprise database to replace the missing index, and it just lasts until the year 2013. In this talbe, there contain many variables. First column is the code numbers of regions. Second column is the code numbers of industries. third colunm is year. 21th column is GML. 5th column is the EG index. 6th column is FDI. 7th column is FI. 8th column is Edu. 9th column is R&D. 10th column is Road. 11th column is GOV. 12th column is GC. 13th column is RV.