Geographical Indication Agri-food Project

Published: 14 September 2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/x3gm8dnhpt.2


This work sook to map the commerce of these products on retail supermarkets and hypermarkets through online shopping. The research contemplates four of the major four major grocery retail supermarkets that had an active and functional website for online shopping for the data collection. Therefore, this work went through four supermarkets in each country of Mercosur, totalizing 16 supermarkets. In the EU, the investigation went through four supermarkets' websites in seven countries, totalizing 28 supermarkets.


Steps to reproduce

The survey was done on the website of 44 supermarkets towards finding all geographical indication agri-food products displayed and classified by their register and category. Other details are disposed on the Specifications table.


Universidade de Lisboa Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestao, Ministerio da Agricultura Pecuaria e Abastecimento


Social Sciences, Sociology, Economics, Economic Sociology, Food Economics