A study of SMCs phenotype in TGFβR2iSMC-Apoe and TGFβR2iSMC-Ldlr mice Chen et al. Related to Fig 2

Published: 2 April 2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/x3r8fcnkpc.2
Simons Lab


Data Related to Fig 2. A mouse line carrying floxed Tgfbr2 and SMC lineage-tracing mT/mG alleles under control of a myosin heavy chain (Myh11) promoter on an Ldlr null background (Ldlr-/-;Myh11CreERT2;mT/mGf/f;Tgfbr2f/f) hereafter called TGFβR2iSMC-Ldlr. These mice were treated with Tamoxifen at 6 week of age and fed high cholesterol high fat diet for 4 months. Ascending aorta smooth muscle cells from these mice express macrophage, chondrocyte, adipocyte, and osteoblast lineage markers as shown by immunocytochemistry and qRT-PCT from laser micro dissection tissues compared to controls.