Prenatal Stress (PRS) exposure strengthened depressive- and anxiety-like behavior of Submissive (Sub) offspring

Published: 3 January 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/x45ywkdxv6.1
Moshe Gross,
Hava Romi,
ayala miller,
Albert Pinhasov


Sub PRS mice spent less time drinking sweetened milk when placed in the DSR test against their naïve counterparts (A), while Dom PRS mice display stable competition for food, in competition with Dom naïve (B). Sub PRS mice exhibited heightened immobility in the FST (C), relative to both Sub naïve and Dom PRS mice, without altered locomotion in the Open Field (D). In the EPM, open time: total time indexes of Sub PRS mice were significantly lower than those of Dom PRS (E), without changes in the proportion of mice’s entries to open arms (F).