detonationFoam: An open-source solver for simulation of gaseous detonation based on OpenFOAM

Published: 16 August 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/x45zh4nz28.1


Detonation has promising applications in advanced propulsion systems, and numerical simulation is widely used to gain insights into the complex interaction between the hydrodynamic flow and chemical reactions involved in detonation. In this work, detonationFoam, an open-source solver for accurate and efficient simulation of compressible reactive flow and detonation are developed based on OpenFOAM. detonationFoam can simulate compressible, multi-component, reactive flow and it can accurately evaluate the detailed transport coefficients using the mixture-averaged transport model. Compared to rhoCentralFoam, the improved HLLC-P approximate Riemann solver is used in detonationFoam and it helps to accurately resolve shock waves appearing in detonation. Besides, the adaptive mesh refinement and dynamic load balancing algorithms are used in detonationFoam, which greatly improves the computational efficiency. Validation tests including homogenous ignition, unsteady diffusion, shock tube problem, premixed flame, planar detonation, double Mach reflection, detonation cellular structure and oblique detonation wave are conducted. These tests demonstrate that detonationFoam can be used to accurately and efficiently to simulate the compressible, multi-component reactive flow and detonation processes.



Computational Physics, Detonation, Compressible Flow