Non-parametric models of a pH Neutralization plant dataset

Published: 12-12-2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/x4k4whtf6y.2
Victor Daniel Reyes Dreke


This Dataset contains a series of non-parametric models describing the pH and Level control loop of pH Neutralization plant. This plant is located at the University of Sao Paulo as part of the Laboratory of Automation and Control. In this case, the files called "20200205_NivelModel" and "20200205_pHModel" contain a cell arrays with 3150 models. The models in "20200205_NivelModel" describe the Level control loop meanwhile, models in "20200205_pHModel" describe the pH control loop. Both file extensions are .mat from Matlab.


Steps to reproduce

Need to have Matlab (version 2014 or newer)