Data for: Pottery technology as a revealer of cultural and symbolic shifts: Funerary and ritual practices in the Sion ‘Petit-Chasseur’ megalithic necropolis (3100-1600 BC, Western Switzerland)

Published: 21 April 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/x554wm8njr.1
Eve Derenne, Marie Besse, Vincent Ard


This Microsoft Excel file provides the detailed list of all potsherds and vases analyzed in our study on pottery technology on the megalithic necropolis of Sion 'Petit-Chasseur' (Switzerland). It includes inventory numbers, indications of structures, stratigraphic levels, chronological attribution, as well as typological elements, decoration, and weight.



Prehistoric Archeology, Pottery Manufacture, Megalith, Neolithic Culture in Europe, Chalcolithic Culture in Europe, Bronze Age Culture in Europe