MuFA (Multi-type Fourier Analyzer): A tool for batch generation of MuMax3 input scripts and multi-type Fourier analysis from micromagnetic simulation output data

Published: 30 July 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/x6j2f3fvsx.1
Zhiwei Ren,
Lichuan Jin,
Tianlong Wen,
Yulong Liao,
Xiaoli Tang,
Huaiwu Zhang,
Zhiyong Zhong


We present a tool for batch generation of input scripts and multi-type Fourier analysis from simulation results for the micromagnetic software MuMax3. The introduction of graphical user interface and parameter-sweeping functionality strongly speed up the input scripts creation and accelerate model optimization processes consequently. Three types of important Fourier analysis methods are provided for the acquisition of the quantitative frequency compositions, the spin-wave dispersion curve and the spatial distribution of spin-wave powers at different frequencies, respectively. Since the Fourier analysis is accelerated by parallel computations, the time cost is reduced to an acceptable level even in the presentation of tens of gigabytes data. With the MuMax3 and our proposal, a complete micromagnetic simulating tool chain from scripts generation to post analysis has been developed.



Computational Physics, Fourier Analysis, Micromagnetism