AFM experiments on lipid bilayers

Published: 22 February 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/x6trfdh8zy.1
Tetiana Mukhina


Raw AFM topography images of DPPC:POPC (1:1 by mol) supported on mica lipid bilayer before (named AFM_DPPCPOPC_5um.spm) and after (named AFM_DPPCPOPC_BR_1660nm.spm and AFM_DPPCPOPC_BR_800nm.spm) bacteriorhodopsin insertion are provided. DPPC:POPC (1:1 by mol) supported lipid bilayer was formed by vesicles fusion. BR reconstitution was performed by injection a solution of 1 microg/ml of BR in 0.05 mM DDM in PBS buffer, incubating system for 15 min and extensively rinsing with buffer afterwards. The sample imaging was performed at room temperature in Peak Force Tapping mode, with the force set point value of ~ 300 pN at a scan frequency of a 1-2 Hz. Raw AFM image of BR deposited on POPC/DPPC/mica surface (named AFM_BR_600nm.spm) is provided. The image only shows BR deposited on mica with their symmetry axis perpendicular to the surface. A membrane edge can be observed at the very bottom left of the scan. The image is made of 1024 x 1024 px$^2$ collected at 1 Hz using the Peak-Force Tapping mode in a semi-automatic control.



Membrane Biophysics