Energy Efficiency Financing Dataset

Published: 9 January 2023| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/x6wyhmpj2v.2
Elissaios Sarmas, Maria Kleideri, Aija Zučika


Short description of the three Excel Files: 1. KPFI_Data on projects: 445 projects implemented under 11 tenders of the funded KPFI programme of the Republic of Latvia. Provides information: code number and name of tenders, project code number, CO2 reduction (in tons) as planned by each project, start/end date and project duration (in months), total costs and grant financing of each project. 2. KPFI_Data on activities: The following variables are listed: (a) The tenders’ code number, (b) the projects’ code number, (c) the building on which each project was implemented, (d) the detailed description of each implemented activity, (e) the CO2 reduction (in tons) per activity/building, (f) the energy reduction (in MWh) per activity/building and (g) the respective CO2 emission factor. 3. KPFI_Detailed implementation data: The following variables are listed: (a) General data information, including the reporting year, the tender’s code number, the project’s code number, and the planned CO2 reduction per year, (b) overall building data before project implementation, with reference to three sources of energy consumption, i.e., heating, hot water and electricity, (c) detailed data on the project implementation, i.e., for each source of energy consumption (heating, hot water and electricity) the dataset provides information on the total energy consumption (in MWh) and the CO2 emission (in tons) before the project and at the reporting year of implementation and (d) the reported monthly data for the temperature, the heating days and the energy consumption (MWh) of each source.



Energy Efficiency, Energy Conservation in Building, Energy Consumption, Financing Investment