Brick Masonry Crack Dataset Collected from Battledore of Darbhanga Fort (A Cultural Heritage) for Automatic Crack Detection

Published: 11 September 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/x6y6f9mmht.1


It contains a dataset of superficial cracks present in the battledore of the Darbhanga Fort, Darbhanga, Bihar, which is a cultural heritage structure made up of red brick masonry. It has a total of 4259 images, including 203 background images (images that don't have cracks), which are present in the train image folder. It has three folders: train (having 3407 images, including 203 background images), val (having 639 images), and test (having 213 images). Both the training and validation datasets also have their corresponding labels. This dataset can be used for training deep learning (DL) models.



Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur Department of Civil Engineering


Cultural Heritage, Machine Learning, Application of Computer Graphics in Cultural Heritage, Masonry, Structural Health Monitoring, Heritage Conservation, Convolutional Neural Network, Deep Learning