Mountain Rain or Snow Crowdsourced Precipitation Phase Data 2020-2023

Published: 24 June 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/x84hy7yky4.1
, Monica Arienzo,
, Nayoung Hur


The CSV file contains precipitation phase observations and other related data from the Mountain Rain or Snow citizen science project. It includes 38.5 thousand crowdsourced observations of precipitation phase (rain, snow, or mixed) plus associated meteorological data from 2020-01-08 and 2023-07-24. Please see the related manuscripts for details on data collection and processing (Arienzo et al., 2021; Collins et al., 2023; Jennings et al., 2023). Arienzo MM, Collins M and Jennings KS (2021) Enhancing Engagement of Citizen Scientists to Monitor Precipitation Phase. Front. Earth Sci. 9:617594. doi: 10.3389/feart.2021.617594. Collins, M., Arienzo, M. M., Nieminen, S., Hatchett, B. J., Nolin, A., & Jennings, K. S. (2023). Effective Engagement While Scaling Up: Lessons from a Citizen Science Program Transitioning from Single- to Multi-Region Scale, 8(1), 65. Jennings, K. S., Arienzo, M. M., Collins, M., Hatchett, B. J., Nolin, A. W., & Aggett, G. (2023). Crowdsourced Data Highlight Precipitation Phase Partitioning Variability in Rain-Snow Transition Zone. Earth and Space Science, 10(3), e2022EA002714. The README file contains column names and descriptions.


Steps to reproduce

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Hydrology, Water Resource, Climate, Atmospheric Precipitation, Rain, Snow


National Aeronautics and Space Administration