Data for: chemical compositions of the main source profiles of ambient particulate matter across China

Published: 24 February 2019| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/x8dfshjt9j.2
Xiaohui Bi,
Qili Dai,
Jian-hui Wu,
Qing Zhang,
Wenhui Zhang,
Ruixue Luo,
Yuan Cheng,
Jiaying Zhang,
Lu Wang,
Zhuojun Yu,
Yufen Zhang,
Yingze Tian,
Yinchang Feng


This data files present source composition data that collected and analyzed in a review article to investigate the characteristics of the main source profiles of particulate matter across China. The attached excel file named "Database_source profiles in China" contains seven sheets with the first six sheets present data for coal combustion sources (CC), industrial emissions (IE), vehicle emissions (VE), fugitive dust (FD), biomass burning (BB) and cooking emissions (CE), and the last sheet lists the references. The excel file named "Profile Data from Nankai Source Library-v1" presents source composition data sampled and analyzed by the research group in Nankai University. The source chemical profiles presented in the sheets include detailed information of source type, fuel type, sampling method



Nankai University


Atmospheric Aerosols