Dataset of Elasticities of Demand for Several Agricultural Commodities

Published: 15 January 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/x8hjx378rt.1
Jason Holderieath,


• aidsSystemData-DIB.xlsx contains the first combination of the USDA ERS data into a single tabular format. It also contains the formulas for the calculation of derived data. • aidsSystemData3.csv is the .xlsx file converted to .csv for import into R. • aidsvdataInbrief.R contains all code used to estimate and calculate elasticities. The following packages must be installed for the script: 'tidyverse', 'lubridate', 'micEconAids', and 'broom'. • Results.xlsx contains all results. Tabs are labeled as “results_” lags between price and quantity, and “h” or “m” to indicate Hicksian or Marshallian. • all.Rdata contains all results and intermediate objects.


Steps to reproduce

R code is included.


Louisiana Tech University College of Applied and Natural Sciences


Economics, Agricultural Commodity Market, Price Elasticity