Pre-Vaporized Ignition Behavior of Ethyl- and Propyl-Terminated Oxymethylene Ethers - Proceedings of the Combustion Institute Vol. 39 - E-1-E Ignition Dataset

Published: 19 August 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/x8t7hyr47g.1


This is the full dataset for E-1-E (diethoxymethane) from the article "Pre-Vaporized Ignition Behavior of Ethyl- and Propyl-Terminated Oxymethylene Ethers" in Vol. 39 of the Proceedings of the Combustion Institute. Additional datasets are available for the other tested fuels. This data includes raw and processed time and pressure data from a dual-piston rapid compression machine for autoignition. Test conditions were stoichiometric with 12:1 inert:oxygen, varying the gas composition to achieve the necessary pressure range. Available data include nonreactive pressure traces for comparison. Time-based variables: - t [s] - Raw and filtered pressure [Pa] - Piston position [mm] - Real and effective volume [m^3] - Gamma (fuel gamma estimated using MIT RMG group additivity methods) Summary variables: - Inert gas ratio - Average gamma - Target and actual TDC pressure [bar] - Effective compression ratio (calculated as CR required to achieve TDC pressure in isentropic compression) - TDC temperature from effective CR and from time/gamma [K] - Isentropic efficiency - Ignition delay [ms] - Gas composition



Colorado State University


Mechanical Engineering, Combustion