2019 Ridgecrest, CA earthquake aftershock catalog

Published: 15 April 2021| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/x8v5wkbj6r.3
, Jamison Steidl,


This data set is a catalog of hypocenter coordinates for aftershocks from the sequence following the 2019 M6.4 and M7.1 Ridgecrest, CA earthquake pair. This catalog was derived from raw seismic waveform data recorded by 152 seismic sensors using automated processing procedures. The catalog spans four months (1 June through 30 September 2019) starting about one month before the mainshocks and comprises roughly 95000 events. White_et_al_2021__Ridgecrest_2019_events.csv fields ============================================ - event_id: Unique ID assigned to event - latitude: Event latitude in decimal degrees - longitude: Event longitude in decimal degrees - depth: Event depth (below sea level) in kilometers - time: Event origin time (epoch/Unix timestamp) in seconds - residual: Event RMS residual in seconds - Ml: Local event magnitude - Ml_unc: Local event magnitude uncertainty - nsamp: Number of observations used to compute local event magnitude White_et_al_2021__Ridgecrest_2019_arrivals.csv fields ============================================= - network: FDSN network code of observing station - station: Station code of observing station - phase: Phase label (P or S) - event_id: Associated event ID - time: Estimated arrival time (epoch/Unix timestamp) in seconds - residual: Arrival residual in seconds



University of Southern California


Geophysics, Seismology, Passive Source Seismology, Earthquake Hazard, Applied Geophysics, Seismic Hazard, Earthquake