Physical profile data of Lake Qiandaohu in the spring and summer in 2014

Published: 24 November 2019| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/x8wr5v2dtw.2
Miao Liu,
Yunlin Zhang


The data were used in the paper entitled of "Variations in subsurface chlorophyll maximum during thermal stratification in a large, deep subtropical reservoir". These data were collected from Lake Qiandaohu in the May and July 2014, the number of samples were 120. Shared data include the SCM(μg/L), SCM_Depth(m), SCM_thickness(m),TDN(mg/L), TDP(mg/L), MLD(m), Zeu(m) and Thermocline bottom depth (m).


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Field investigations were conducted 27-29 May (late spring) and 29-31 July (midsummer) in 2014, and they covered 60 sampling stations each time. Tw and ChlF profiles were measured using a YSI EXO2 7-channel sonde (Yellow Springs Inc., Yellow Springs, OH, USA). Then, these profiles were used to generate the MLD and SCM paramters. Profiles of photosynthetically active (PAR,400–700 nm) were measured using a Li-Cor underwater quantum sensor (LI-192SA) connected to a Li-Cor 1400 datalogger.These values were used to calculate the diffuse attenuation coefficient [Kd(PAR)] and the euphotic depth of 1% surface PAR intensity (Zeu).TDN and TDP were assayed on filtered water samples after digestion with alkaline potassium persulfate (K2S2O8 + NaOH). TDN was determined by spectrophotometry at 210 nm after digestion, and TDP by the molybdenum blue method. More details can be found in the publication of Liu et al.(2019)