Simulated datasets used in DAISIE bug report

Published: 09-03-2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/x984h4c8c3.2
Luis Valente,


Simulated datasets (R data objects) used in the bug report analyses. Simulated using the DAISIE R package. Dataset types: A – the same dataset used in the publication, which was simulated with the bugs. B – same as A (the same script with the bug), but with a different random set of simulations. C – dataset simulated using the same script but with the bugs fixed. The motivation for running analyses on the datasets A-C was to examine how the effect of the bug (A vs C, or B vs C) compares to the effect of using different sets of simulated data (A vs B). Simulations.R is the code used to run the new simulations.