Input data for modelling Chile's energy transition

Published: 19-10-2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/x9s5bccwkm.1
Juan Carlos Osorio-Aravena,
Arman Aghahosseini,
Dmitrii Bogdanov,
Upeksha Caldera,
ghorbani narges,
Theophilus Mensah,
Emilio Muñoz-Cerón,
Christian Breyer


This dataset contains the input data for modelling Chile's energy transition from 2015 to 2050. The input data is presented as follows: 1. Chile's general data, 2. Consumption nodes and transmission lines, 3. Projected high-voltage transmission lines, 4. Historical power generation capacities, 5. Projection of the final energy demand, and 6. Renewable energy potential.