Fatigue at Work: Database for the Validation of the Feeling of Fatigue Scale in Civil Aviation

Published: 6 October 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/x9v58kt7jt.1
Victor Rafael Rezende Celestino, Elaine Cristina Marqueze


This database is a sample of 1,066 Brazilian airline pilots and was utilized to validate the Feeling of Fatigue Scale, proposed by Yoshitake (1971), in civil aviation. The complete paper was published in Brazilian Administration Review (BAR). See reference below.


Steps to reproduce

The database includes: - case_id; - biodemographic variables: age, sex (1: Male), marital status (1: Single), how many contribute to family income (1: Alone; 2: Two; 3: Three or more), children with 12 years or less of age (1; Yes), job position (0: Captain; 1: Copilot), market (0: International, 1: domestic), residence (1: home town different than base airport), commuting difficulties (0: never, 1: rarely, 2: sometimes, 3: frequently, 4: always), body mass index - BMI (0: normal, 1: overweight, 2: obesity class 1, 3: obesity class 2, 4: obesity class 3), number of diagnosed diseases (0: none, 1: at least one, 2: two or more, 3: at least three, 4: four or more); and - indicators (FFA01-FFC30) of the Feeling of Fatigue Scale (0 to five).


Universidade de Brasilia, Universidade Catolica de Brasilia, Universidade Catolica de Santos


Fatigue (Symptom), Aviation Safety