Experimental stability boundary for a four-flute 10 mm tungsten-carbide end-mill in slot machining of aluminium 7075-T651

Published: 18 May 2018| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/x9vvn84xgw.2
Mahdi Eynian


Ever-changing machine tool dynamic parameters as spindle speed increases affect the dynamics of structures and cause deviation of stability lobe diagram obtained from impact tests at stationary condition from those obtained experimentally. The main data set describes stability lobe diagram measured for full-engagement milling of aluminum 7075, T651 25 mm plates. The measured frequency response function of the tool/spindle at the stationary condition and extracted modal parameters are provided in the folder "Impact Test Results".



Conventional Metal Cutting, Machining, Mechanical Machining, Vibration Dynamics, Vibration Analysis