Brexit Tweets from the morning of it's announcement

Published: 10 August 2017| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/x9wkrghz23.2
Christopher Parker


To further our understanding of public reaction to political movement via social media, this dataset provides 17998 unfiltered tweets taken on the morning that Brexit was announced. This dataset contains metadata such as geolocation as an independent variable, to allow for rigorous qualitative investigation to be used. Additional tweets from trending topics were also taken at the same time provide context on trending themes at the time: - Scotland - Jeramy Corbyn - Nichola Sturgeon - David Cameron - EURefResults - Euromillions - Borris Data was captured with NCapture from QSR.


Steps to reproduce

Search a hashtag on Twitter, making sure you are viewing the latest tweets and not just the top tweets. Use N-Capture to download tweets as datasets.


Politics, European Union, United Kingdom, European History