Functional metrics and chemical composition of high-density lipoprotein particles isolated from blood of patients with familial hypoalphacholesterolemia and from blood of control patients

Published: 19 July 2017| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/x9wvzcwrv8.2
Emile Zakiev,


All these datasets were utilized while building network maps of the lipidomes and their relation to functional metrics like HDL particles' antioxidative activity and to chemical composition metrics like Free Cholesterol or Total Protein contents. Abbreviations used in the datasets: APOA1 = Apolipoprotein-1 APOA2 = Apolipoprotein-2 AOXRate2 = Anti-Oxidation Rate 2 AOXPhase2 = Anti-Oxidation Phase 2 AOXMaxCon = Anti-Ox. max. conc. CE = Cholesterol esters FC = Free Cholesterol PL = Phospholipid TG = Triglycerides TP = Total Protein


Steps to reproduce

All the positive intrinsic correlations with p value less than 0.05 were kept while others discarded. There were several cases while using the data given above: #1 - compositional components only (molecular species + ApoA1 ApoA2 ApoE TP CE TG FC) wt % (equivalent to TW)# #2a - components as wt% + AOX as R2 #2b - components as wt% + AOX as T2 #2c - components as wt% + AOX as Cmax #2c - compositional components as %PL + efflux All the charts were built using igraph package functionalities in R (see the attached R file for the code).


Lipidomics, Biochemical Assay