Dataset on the questionnaire-based survey of the Perceived risk scale of COVID-19 infection and Contact lens (CL) wearers.

Published: 9 November 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/xbphjxbk9p.1


The data set presents data collected by an online questionnaire, applying closed-ended question types (multiple-choice, Likert scale ) and Question Skip Logic. The questionnaire was designed to collect accurate and representative quantitative data. The steps followed to collect and manage data were, the definition of the objectives of the study, questionnaire design, questionnaire pilot testing (validity, reliability, repeatability), data administration and results interpretation. This descriptive survey employed online data collection using an anonymized web-based questionnaire hosted on “SurveyMonkey” Europe, Dublin, Ireland. The questionnaire was developed by the authors and further reviewed by a group of contact lens (CL) wearers to make a certain understanding and manage the questions with the required time to complete it. The questionnaire was made available via an online link on social networks from 28/09/2020 to 11/10/2020. The survey included 1676 participants, 1037 were CL users and completed the online questionnaire. Of them, 76.7% (795) are female and 23.3% (242) male. The questionnaire was organized into general demographic information (age, gender, education level and geographical area of habitation), basic questions related to CL history (i.e. type and modality of CL, wearing time per day or contact lens experience), the perceived risk of infection due to CL wear during the pandemic and CL wear or limited use during the pandemic, with a total of 22 questions and maximum completion time 4 minutes. All data were exported to Excel spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Corporation, Redmont, WA, USA). Only the completed questionnaires were used in the analyses. Data were analyzed using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) software version24 (International Business Machine Corp. IBM, Chicago, IL, USA). The data can be used to understand the relationship between the perceived risk scale of Covid-19 infection and contact lens (CL), the potential effect of the pandemic in the consuming behavior of CL wearers, to draft a survey strategy and design, to verify results, etc. Value of the Data • The data can be used to analyse, describe and understand the contact lens users profile. More specific to record, consuming behaviour, adaptation, perception scale of infection under unusual conditions (for example Covid-19 pandemic) • The data set concern and can be utilized by researchers and scientists in the fields of public health, public economy and marketing. • The data can be used in further research in different countries and regions, draft a survey strategy and design, compare and verify results, record and predict significant or not correlations • The questionnaire can be used with the same structure or in variations as a useful data collection tool for similar research in different scientific fields.



University of West Attica


Optometry, Public Health, Eye, Contact Lens, Vision, Risk, COVID-19