Published: 8 February 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/xckmkt4nmp.1
Etienne Brauns


With respect to a second publication in Elsevier Optik, this Mendeley set contains data linked to the proof, through a straightforward laser experiment, of the existence of a massive experimental anomaly, thereby additionally falsifying (according to Karl Popper's principle of an anomaly based type of strong falsification) multiple contemporary paradigms based on photon/light phenomena. The second publication is a follow-up publication of a first publication [1] in Elsevier Optik proving the existence of two massive theoretical anomalies regarding the description by Contemporary Science of photon/light phenomena. That first publication [1] thus already falsified (Karl Popper's, anomaly based, strong falsification principle) multiple contemporary paradigms based on photon/light phenomena. The findings in [1] were also the basis of the prediction of the outcome of the specific laser experiment. The submitted publication [2] discusses in full the data in the 8 files within this Mendeley data set (EMDR06-EMDR13). [1] Etienne Brauns, On two thought experiments revealing two massive theoretical anomalies, proving both the contemporary “ray of light” paradigm to be flawed and the impossibility of a photon to inherit any velocity vector component from its source, Optik 230 (2021) 165858, [2] title of the submitted second publication to Optik: Etienne Brauns, "On a straightforward laser experiment revealing a massive experimental anomaly, thereby falsifying the contemporary science’s Equivalence Principle paradigm for photon phenomena."



Applied Physics, Photonics, Laser, Classical Physics